An Actual Blog Posting! Congraduations, you actaully managed to find my first blog post instead of the “lame” commenting system I been using for the past couple months. Anyways I started this site as something to do, and an outlet for creativity while im working a full time job 40 hours a week. Keep tuning in as I keeping updating, if you hit refresh a couple times you can see that I have randomized many many assets on here. I have it settup to were I can throw anyfile into a folder and it will be part of the “Wheel of Fortune”. I have no clear goal in mind with this, site. Feel free to leave me a sugguestion, any comment will have to be approved by me thou, because its the internet after all. Hopefully this text document doesnt messup my site. (it proabbly will break something XD). Signing off –----- Cap [SFR] Post update: Well …. I wasnt exspecting my youtube channel to pop up, I forgot I added that, but hey feel free to check that out, its mostly lame cemu videos.